Sunday 27 November 2011

Hatchet (2006) & Hatchet II (2010)

Hatchet (2006)
The cast -
Joel Moore as Ben
Tamara Feldman as Marybeth Dunston
Deon Richmond as Marcus
Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley / Mr. Crowley
Mercedes McNab as Misty
Parry Shen as Shawn
Joel Murray as Doug Shapiro
Joleigh Fioreavanti as Jenna
Richard Riehle as Jim Permatteo
Patrika Darbo as Shannon Permatteo
Robert Englund as Sampson Dunston
Joshua Leonard as Ainsley Dunston
Tony Todd as Reverend Zombie
John Carl Buechler as Jack Cracker
Rileah Vanderbilt as Young Victor Crowley

The plot -
A motley crew of tourists embark on a boat ride of the haunted Louisiana bayous where they learn the terrifying tale of local legend "Victor Crowley"; a horribly disfigured man who was tragically and accidentally killed with a hatchet by the hands of his own father. But when the boat sinks and the ghost story turns out to be real, the group tries desperately to escape the swamp with their lives...and all of their pieces.

Hatchet II (2010)
The cast -
Danielle Harris as Marybeth Dunston
Kane Hodder as Victor Crowley/Thomas Crowley
Tony Todd as Rev. Zombie
Tom Holland as Bob
R.A. Mihailoff as Trent
Parry Shen as Justin
AJ Bowen as Layton
Alexis Peters as Avery
Ed Ackerman as Cleatus
Colton Dunn as Vernon
David Foy as Chad
Rick McCallum as John
John Carl Buechler as Jack Cracker
Erika Hamilton as Lena
Sarah Agor as Brittany
Kathryn Fiore as Shyann Crowley
Mercedes McNab as Misty
Joleigh Fioravanti as Jenna
Rileah Vanderbilt as Young Victor Crowley
Nick Principe as Hunter
Cody Blue Snider as Young Sampson Dunston
Wayne Francis Canty as Jason

The plot -
Marybeth escapes the clutches of the deformed, swamp-dwelling iconic killer Victor Crowley. After learning the truth about her family's connection to the hatchet-wielding madman, Marybeth returns to the Louisiana swamps along with an army of hunters to recover the bodies of her family and exact the bloodiest revenge against the bayou butcher.

I'm not going into much depth into these two films. As there's really not that much to say!

In the first movie we're introduced to Victor Crowley, via the old "don't go into the woods" routine, or in this case, a swamp. It's the typical set up of a group of collage kids and a couple of others taking a trip into the unknown. The story of Crowley is revealed and sure enough he turns up!

Despite the fact that he bumbles around like an idiot he causes mayor carnage and the gore surpasses the couple of jumpy bits, comedy moments and anything else the movie has to offer.

"I was moving to Hollywood next month to be famous, now I'm going to die out here with all of you assholes"

In the second movie, which takes place a day or two later, Victor has grown hair, has sharpened his killing skills and more back story is revealed.

Tony Todd is featured more in number two and Danielle Harris replaces Tamara Feldman as Marybeth Dunston which adds a bit more credibility to the movie.

One person I haven't mentioned yet is the actor who plays Victor Crowley.

Horror fans will know who Kane Hodder is. If not, "tut tut" shame on you.

He is of course the 6 foot 4 inch behemoth who is best known for his portrayal of Jason Voorhees in four films from the Friday the 13th film series (parts VII through X).

Sure enough more blood and guts get chopped, hacked  and splattered all over the swamp.

"You can't kill him. He'll just be reborn. He's forced to return to the state he was when he was killed. You can't kill a ghost"..."Maybe I can't or maybe I can. But I'm going to bury that hatchet into his fucking face!"

At best these two films are fun, entertaining and will give you a giggle.

If you like a lot of gore and not so great acting then this is a bit of mindless fun for a Friday or Saturday night with a few beers and a few friends.

As a double feature I'm giving Hatchet and Hatchet II a 6/10

Check out the trailers below and keep a look out for Hatchet III in the not so distant future...

The Thing (2011)

The cast -
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Dr. Kate Lloyd
Joel Edgerton as Sam Carter
Ulrich Thomsen as Dr. Sander Halvorson
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Derek Jameson
Eric Christian Olsen as Adam Finch
Trond Espen Seim as Edvard Wolner
Stig Henrik Hoff as Peder
Paul Braunstein as Griggs
Kim Bubbs as Juliette
Jonathan Lloyd Walker as Colin
Jo Adrian Haavind as Henrik
Jan Gunnar Røise as Olav
Carsten Bjørnlund as Karl
Ole Martin Aune Nilsen as Matias

Director - Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.

Writers -
Eric Heisserer and John W. Campbell Jr. (short story)

The plot -
In 1982, paleontologist Kate Lloyd is recruited by scientists Dr. Sander Halvorson and his assistant Adam Finch to join a Norwegian scientific team that has stumbled across a crashed extraterrestrial spaceship buried beneath the ice of Antarctica. They discover the frozen corpse of a creature that seems to have died in the crash 100,000 years ago.

After the creature is transported back to base in a block of ice, Dr. Sander orders them to retrieve a tissue sample, against Kate's protests. Later, while the others celebrate, co-pilot Derek sees the Thing escape from the block of ice. The team splits up into groups to search for the alien. Shortly after, all hell breaks loose as one by they the alien picks them off.

First off, lets clear any confusion, this is a PREQUEL to John Carpenter's The Thing (1982), not a remake. So if you have seen that, (and you should, if not why not?!), you should already know how The Thing (2011) ends. That's right, with the dog running in the snow being chased by the Norwegian guys in the Helicopter.

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie as I didn't really know what to expect as regards to direction of the script.

If you have seen Carpenter's movie then OK, this movie is predictable. But with the right direction it plays out well. In one scene you think they are gonna take a page right of Carpenter's movie but then things happen and it takes an alternative route.

"Not all of us are human!"

Mary Elizabeth Winstead played her role well and even showed shades of Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor.
The Norwegian scientific team were also good.

In fact the whole movie had the same feel to it as Carpenter's movie, which added to the mood and made it work better.

The one thing I have to pick on was the CGI. There was a little too much of it used when it came to the alien.
It seemed over complicated and not as graphic as it could be.

Without ruining the ended (as I said before, you should know how it ends), don't go switching it off thinking "that's not how it supposed to end," wait for a few minutes as the end credits start, the actual ending is shown then, before the rest of the end credits.

Overall it was a decent film and well worth a watch, even if you're a die hard John Carpenter fan!

The Thing (2011) gets a 7/10

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Thursday 24 November 2011

The Woman (2011)

The cast -
Pollyanna McIntosh as The Woman
Angela Bettis as Belle Cleek
Sean Bridgers as Chris Cleek
Lauren Ashley Carter as Peggy Cleek
Zach Rand as Brian Cleek
Shyla Molhusen as Darlin' Cleek

Director - Lucky McKee

Writers - Lucky McKee and Jack Ketchum

The plot -
The film opens with a psychedelic montage of the woman's life in the woods inter cut with images of her new born child lying in a nest of twigs. The baby is bathed in a pool of blood being lapped up by a wild wolf. The woman is a feral animal who was once part of a pact of predatory cannibals who lived like cavemen in the woods of Maine outside of a serene upper middle class suburb. She's a monster, a wolf living in the skin of a human.

It then cuts to very typical-looking American family at a barbeque. As the story goes on, we realize that this isn't the case.

The father, Chris, goes out hunting one day and finds the wild woman living deep in the woods near his home. So he does what any loving father and husband would do - he captures her, chains her up in his cellar, and brings the family in to help take care of and civilize her.

Sean Bridgers gives an effective performance as Chris Cleet (although he constantly reminded me of Will Ferrell), a family man with his own a business and penchant for hunting.

The constant fear in Chris's wife and daughters' eyes foreshadows the brutality that follows. Angela Bettis also gives a strong performance as the meek and weak willed wife who enables Chris' horrific actions which in turn inspires their son to unimaginable deviancy.

Rather than being a film about a man's hatred of women and his sick and violent manipulation of them, the film becomes a battle of wills, a twist on horror genre conventions where two evil, destructive forces battle each others.

One decisive attribute of the film is its use of music. Lucky interjects poppy rock tunes through out the film. Original songs written for the film featuring the lyrics that are synchronized to the action on screen play through out much of the running time.

Pollyanna Mcintosh plays The Woman in a powerhouse performance that carries the film through many of its shakier moments.

Finishing off with a nice little twist near the end, this is one to watch if you like your horror sick, twisted and disturbing.

Keep watching till the end of the credits for a short piece involving the youngest daughter which is actually quite sweet!

The Woman gets a 7/10

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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Shark Night 3D (2011)

The cast -
Sara Paxton as Sara Powski
Dustin Milligan as Nick LaDuca
Chris Carmack as Dennis Crim
Katharine McPhee as Beth
Chris Zylka as Blake Hammond
Alyssa Diaz as Maya
Joel David Moore as Gordon
Sinqua Walls as Malik
Donal Logue as Sheriff Sabin
Joshua Leonard as Red

Director - David R. Ellis

Writers - Will Hayes and Jesse Studenberg

The plot -
Set in Louisiana, seven Tulane University undergraduates drive to Sara's family vacation home on a secluded private lake near Lake Pontchartrain. Set in Louisiana, seven Tulane University undergraduates drive to Sara's family vacation home on a secluded private lake near Lake Pontchartrain. On the way they encounter Sara's old boyfriend, Dennis and his redneck friend, Red. Dennis and Red taunt Malik and Maya, but Sara diffuses the situation. Sara then drives her friends in a speedboat rather recklessly to the vacation home which attracts the attention of Sheriff Sabin. He chases her, frightening her friends, but then happily shares a beer with them when they get to their destination. He tells Sara he is happy to see her back after her absence.

Shortly after arriving all hell breaks loose as one by one they get picked off by a shark!
But how did a shark get into a lake and is there an explanation as to why it's happening or is it a simple case of a random act?

"Room for one more?"

This being the kind of movie it is I wasn't expecting much and it was a good job I didn't!
OK, it's fun, it's gorey, it's entertaining.

But the overall experience was nothing to scream about. It wasn't scary and it doesn't put you on the edge of your seat or even make you think "Oh my god, it's behind you, look out" like it should have.

What it does make you think is "really....... really?" Even when the plot unfolds it all seems a tad to far even though the whole film was completely predictable.

When you compare it to Jaws (yes, it's always going to be compared) it's nothing more than a waste of space on the DVD shelf. It lacked so much of what Jaws has to offer, the suspense, the thrill, the scares.

I wouldn't even say it was a second rate Jaws, it was more like a second rate Jaws 3D!

That's why I'm giving Shark Night 3D a 4/10.

Check out the video below as star  Sara Paxton talks Shark Night 3D...

Friday 18 November 2011

11-11-11 (2011)

The cast -
Timothy Gibbs as Joseph Crone
Michael Landes as Samuel
Denis Rafter as Richard Crone
Wendy Glenn as Sadie
Lluís Soler as Vavier
Brendan Price as Grant
Lolo Herrero as Oculto Owner
Montserrat Alcoverro as Celia
Benjamin Cook as David
Salomé Jiménez as Sarah
J. Larose as Wayne

Director & Writer - Darren Lynn Bousman

 The plot - 
Following the tragic death of his wife, Sarah, and son, Cole, in a fire caused by an insane fan, famed American best-selling author Joseph Crone is suffering severe depression that prevents him from writing.

While attending psychological support sessions, he meets Sadie, a young woman who has suffered a similar tragedy. One day, after a heart-warming conversation with Sadie, Joseph suffers a horrible car accident but comes out of it miraculously unscathed.

The accident occurs at exactly 11:11 AM.

Soon after Joseph travels from the United States to Barcelona, Spain to reunite with his estranged brother Samuel and dying father, Richard. However, fate has a different plan for Joseph as his life becomes plagued with strange happenings, and the constant sightings of the number 11. Curiosity quickly turns to obsession, and Joseph soon realizes that this number holds a horrific meaning not only to himself but possibly to all of religion. Isolated in a foreign country with only the support of his companion, Sadie, Joseph soon realizes that 11/11/11 is more than just a date; it’s a warning about an entity from another world that enters the earthly realm through Heaven's 11th gate.

I'm not one for religion or the concept of christianity but I do like movies based on the subject as most of the time they interpret the darker side of it.
It's quite slow paced throughout but still keeps you interested for the entirety of the movie.
Narrated by Joseph Crone through much of the movie, I couldn't help but think, with his voice and his looks, that it reminded me of the video game Max Payne somehow. Although this didn't have any effect on the movie.

Overall it wasn't a bad movie, the acting was decent, the direction was decent and the special effect were kept simple but the only problem I has was that, while the film was leading up to the date 11-11-11 I was expecting thing to happen on the 11th hour not the 23rd hour as it does in the film!
But of course it makes for better viewing when things happen at night in thillers / horrors.
That being said, it was more of a thriller than a horror.

It does however finish off with a nice twist which made this an above average film and worth a watch if you like movies about the dark side of religious interpretations.

11-11-11 gets a, not so close to heaven, 6/10.

Here's the teaser trailer for you to check out...

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Paranormal Entity (2009)

The plot - Prepare to see what is allegedly the "actual footage" of the supernatural events leading up to the 2008 murder of Samantha Finley. Released against the wishes of the authorities, this D.V.D. proves that nothing human caused Samantha's death.

The cast - Shane Van Dyke, Erin Marie Hogan and Fia Perera.

It just seemed they were trying to cash in on the whole Paranormal Activity thing. The whole film just seemed to be rushed from start to finish. You didn't get to know the charaters or why things were happening like in PA so there was nothing to relate to really. I though it was poor really.

It gets a 4/10.

Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)

The plot - It's 1988 and young Katie Ray and Kristi Ray are living with their mother and her boyfriend when things indeed start to go bump in the night. Since their mother's boyfriend is a videographer by trade, he soon decides to set up cameras around the house in hopes of figuring out why all the weird stuff keeps happening.

The cast - Chloe Csengery, Jessica Tyler Brown and Christopher Nicholas Smith and Lauren Bittner.

This was the first out of the 3 films I went to the cinema to see (I saw the firt 2 on dvd).
I don't really know if this made a difference or not, as being the 3rd installement was always going to be predictable. "Did you hear that?" "What's that noise?" etc. You know something is coming or going to happen, but on what level?

I'm a fan of the first two, I have to admit, they scared the crap out of me and freaked me out. Something a horror movie hasn't done since watching Poltergeist when I was around 11 years old, and I love horror movies. But then, I believe in this kind of thing!

How is this film different from the fisrt 2? Well, the good points - "things" start happening abit quicker, when they go bad they go bigger and badder and the reason behind the huanting and why it started is revealed. The bad points - we know that nothing really bad happened to the 2 little girls because we've seen the first 2 films where they are grown up and like I mentioned before, it was predictable.

Did it scare me like the first 2 films? No, but it did make me jump once or twice. I found that I wasn't connected to the main charaters (Julie and Dennis) as much as I was to Micah and Katie, which was the same for the 2nd film (altough I found it more scary). However you do feel for the kids and how scared they get. You do get a moment of "shut the f**k up you silly cow" when the mother refuses to listen to the boyfriend about what he's seen on tape.

Is Paranrmal Activity 3 worth watching? Yes, but you do have to watch PA and PA2 first.
Is this film for everyone? No! The franchise as a whole has had alot of mixed reviews, somewhat more than any other I've seen or read about. I've heard things like "boring" and to put it bluntly "sh*t." But then on the other hand I've seen PA3 praised by a writer who hated the first 2 films!!

More simply put, It's like Marmite - You either love it or hate it! Or in this case and mine, I like it (but i do hate Marmite!).

I'd give PA and PA2 8 or 9/10 but Paranormal Activity 3 gets a 7/10.

Dead Silence (2007)

The plot - Every town has it's own ghost story, and a local folktale around Ravens Fair is about a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw. After she went mad in the 1940s, she was accused of kidnapping a young boy who yelled out in one of her performances that she was a fraud. Because of this she was hunted down by townspeople who in the ultimate act of revenge, cut out her tongue and then killed her. They buried her along with her "children," a handmade collection of vaudeville dolls, and assumed they had silenced her forever. However, Ravens Fair has been plagued by mysterious deaths around them after Mary Shaws collection has returned from their graves and have come to seek revenge on people that killed her and their families. Far from the pall of their cursed hometown, newlyweds Jamie and Lisa Ashen thought they had established a fresh start, until Jamie's wife is grotesquely killed in their apartment.

The cast - Ryan Kwanten, Amber Valletta, Donnie Wahlberg, Michael Fairman and Bob Gunton.

This is a gem of a film that seemed to slip under the radar even though it's from the writers, directors and producers of 'Saw'.

If you're scared of dolls and clowns then this is the film for you, or not as the case may be!
Creepy from the outset this movie gives you plenty to feel creeped out about from the ventriloquist doll to the spirit of the old lady Mary Shaw and a clown doll near the end of the movie. There's even a cameo from the jigsaw doll from the Saw franchise, but you have to keep your eye out for it

A thoroughly enjoyable movie from start to finish, with a good mix of suspense and gore, I would highly recommend this film to any horror enthusiast.

Dead Silence gets an 8/10.

Check out the trailer below...

The Howling Reborn (2011)

The plot - On the eve of his high school graduation, Will Kidman finally looks up from his books to catch the eye of the girl he's longed for the last four years, the mysterious Eliana Wynter. He's always been the shy kid, flying under the radar, but when he discovers a dark secret from his past that he is heir to a powerful line of werewolves, he finds he has a choice to make between succumbing to his primal nature, or turning against his own, and maintaining his humanity. In order to fight the destiny of his legacy, and save Eliana as well as himself, he must battle not only his growing blood lust but an army of fearsome beasts bent on killing him and Eliana.

The cast - Landon Liboiron as Will Kidman.
Lindsey Shaw as Eliana Wynter.
Ivana Milicevic as Catherine.
Jesse Rath as Sachin.
Niels Schneider as Roland.
Frank Schorpion as Jack Kidman.
Kristian Hodko as Tribe.

The film is a reboot of The Howling film series and unrelated to the previous installments. The credits, as seen in the film's trailer, state that the film is based upon the novel The Howling II by Gary Brandner.

All in all this isn't a bad little movie. It has a coming of age "Twilight" feel to it but with darker under tones and less annoying characters!
The CGI is minimal which makes for some good creature effects, although when there are werewolfs on screen the camera style goes into shaky / blurry mode most of the time, which restricts the full appreciation of them.
It also has extra scenes running through the end credits so keep watching till the very end if you do watch this.

The Howling Reborn is entertainment not at it's best, but certainly not at it's worse, that's why it gets an average but not poor 5/10.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (2011)

The plot - A young girl sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend discovers creatures in her new home who want to claim her as one of their own.

The cast - Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce and Bailee Madison.

As a fan of Guillermo Del Toro I was looking forward to seeing this. However, although you can tell this film is produced and written by Del Toro you can also tell it was not directed by him! This was Troy Nixey second outing as a director and I have to say, other than the opening scene, I found it rather dull up till around the 50 minute mark. I like Guy Pearce, thought he was great in Memento and L.A. Confidential but he seemed abit lifeless in this. Katie Holmes was bland as normall which always seems to work for her anyway. The best actor in this film was 11 year old Bailee Madison who did a fantastic job as Sally and you could really feel the pain she was going through throughout the film and even though it wasn't really a scary film her performance made you feel scared for her.

As expected, the creatures, as small as they are, were classic Del toro with a good amount of creepiness and the set production was amazing. The art work is fantastic and the house in particular, the detail of the interior, all I kept thinking was "I'd love to live in that house" even with those things in it!

Not all was lost as the last 30/40 minutes make up for the rest of the film. If you like Del Toro than it worth watching.

I'll give Don't Be Afraid of the Dark 6/10.

Trick 'r Treat (2007)

Trick 'r Treat is a 2007 horror film written and directed by Michael Dougherty, and based on his short film Season's Greetings. Originally slated for an October 2007 release, it was announced in September 2007 that the film had been pushed back. Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures released the film direct to DVD and Blu-ray on October 2009!

The cast -
Dylan Baker as Steven Wilkins
Rochelle Aytes as Maria
Anna Paquin as Laurie
Brian Cox as Mr. Kreeg
Quinn Lord as Sam / Peeping Tommy
Lauren Lee Smith as Danielle
Tahmoh Penikett as Henry
Brett Kelly as Charlie
Britt McKillip as Macy
"Always check your candy."
Isabelle Deluce as Sara
Jean-Luc Bilodeau as Schrader
Leslie Bibb as Emma
Patrick Gilmore as Bud The Cameraman
C. Ernst Harth as Giant Baby
Christine Willes as Mrs. Henderson

Directed and Written by - Michael Dougherty

The plot -
The film is an anthology of four Halloween-related scary stories.
A couple finds what happens when they blow a jack o' lantern out before midnight, a high school principal has a secret life as a serial killer, a college virgin might have met the right guy for her, a group of mean teens play a prank that they take too far, and a hermit is visited by a special trick or treater.

One common element that ties the stories together is the presence of Sam (left), a mysterious pint-sized trick-or-treater wearing shabby orange pajamas with a burlap sack over his head. He makes an appearance in all the stories as a 'friendly-reminder' to those who break Halloween traditions.

"Eight jack-o-lanterns, eight victims. So we're gonna place these jack-o-lanterns down by the lake as an offering to those who died."
This is one of my favourite movies of any genre! It's an original and refreshing horror in a genre full of remakes and low budgets. To me Trick 'r Treat is the "Pulp Fiction" of horror movies with excellent direction of a brilliantly writen story!

I highly recommend watching this on, or around Halloween.

This movie is a 10/10

Check out the trailer below...

The Human Centipede II - Full Sequence (2011)

The plot - Martin is a mentally disturbed loner who lives with his mother in a bleak housing project. He works the night shift as a security guard in an equally grim and foreboding underground parking complex. To escape his dreary existence, Martin loses himself in the fantasy world of the cult horror film The Human Centipede (First Sequence), fetishizing the meticulous surgical skills of the gifted Dr. Heiter, whose knowledge of the human gastrointestinal system inspires Martin to attempt the unthinkable, creating a 12 person centipede!

The cast - Laurence R. Harvey as Martin Lomax. Ashlynn Yennie as Miss Yennie. Dominic Borrelli as Paul. Vivien Bridson as Mrs. Lomax. Tom Six as Mr. Lomax (in a flashback). Lee Harris as Dick. Peter Blankenstein as Alan. Bill Hutchens as Dr. Sebring. Dan Burman as Greg. Daniel Jude Gennis as Tim. Kandace Caine as Karrie. Maddi Black as Candy. Lucas Hansen as Ian. Georgia Goodrick as Valerie. Emma Lock as Kim. Hugo Sampson as Oscar.

Shot in black and white, this really does add to the feel of the film, making it dark and dirty which tied in with the main character Martin Lomax who was played so simply and superbly by Laurence R. Harvey. To look at Martin, you would describe him as being a small, fat, sweaty, greasy, troll like little man, who also suffers with asthma and has to "puff" on his inhaler alot. He also gets referred to as a "midget" a couple of times in the movie and there is the odd point when you kind of feel sorry for him. But then that all goes away when you hear the sound of a crowbar being dragged on the concrete floor as he's heading for one of his victims or when you see him rip a sheet of sand paper in half that you know (but don't see) he's going to use for masterbation while he's watching The Human Centipede on his laptop!

Very indiscreetly he goes about bashing the heads of the 12 people he needs for his Human Centipede, which includes the actress Ashlynn Yennie from the original film! As he starts the process it all gets very messy and very "bodge job" like, with Dodgy workmanship. Once complete he brilliantly dances around like the Dr. Heiter, recreating the original film. There is a scene with a pregnant woman that might be abit strong for some people, so watch out for that!

With lots more blood, gore and poo than the first film, Tom Six did what he set out to do with this film which was "make the first movie look like My Little Pony in comparison."

If you liked First Sequence than you'll love Full Sequence. It is better than the first film and yes it is disturbing and sick, but it's not the most disturbing and sick film I've seen.

The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) get's a 7/10.

Scre4m (2011)

I recently watched Scream 4 again, on dvd, after seeing it for the first time at the cinema.

The plot - Sidney Prescott, now the author of a self-help book, returns home to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. There she reconnects with Sheriff Dewey and Gale, who are now married, as well as her cousin Jill and her Aunt Kate. Unfortunately, Sidney's appearance also brings about the return of Ghostface, putting Sidney, Gale, and Dewey, along with Jill, her friends, and the whole town of Woodsboro in danger.

The cast -
David Arquette as Sheriff Dewey Riley
Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott
Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers-Riley
Emma Roberts as Jill Roberts
Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed
Anthony Anderson as Deputy Anthony Perkins
Alison Brie as Rebecca Walters
Adam Brody as Deputy Ross Hoss
Rory Culkin as Charlie Walker
Marielle Jaffe as Olivia Morris
Erik Knudsen as Robbie Mercer
Mary McDonnell as Kate Roberts
Marley Shelton as Deputy Judy Hicks
Nico Tortorella as Trevor Sheldon
Anna Paquin as Rachel
Kristen Bell as Chloe
Lucy Hale as Sherrie
Shenae Grimes as Trudie
Britt Robertson as Marnie Cooper
Aimee Teegarden as Jenny Randall
Roger L. Jackson as the voice of Ghostface 

Director - Wes Craven.
Writer - Kevin Williamson.

Being a big fan of the Scream franchise I was looking forward to the 4th installment.
My first reaction was one of disappointment, but then I was wanting certain charaters to bite the bullet, so to speak!

"it's like the natural next step in the psycho-slasher innovation. I mean you film them all real-time and before you get caught, you upload them into cyberspace."

Remembering that it's been 10 years since the third film and the new refreshed cast did a decent job, watching it a second time I actually enjoyed it more.

"Why is Sidney Prescott staying with you? I mean, that's like being on Top Chef with Jeffrey Dahmer."

With plenty of twist and turns towards the big finale, which was cleverly done, and the usual gory knife action, it kept well within the spirit of the franchise, plus with the the opening scene about the whole "remake/sequel argument" fans of the original trilogy should enjoy this aswell as the new generation of fans that were too young to see it when the first film came out.

Overall I'm giving Scream 4  7/10

Check out the video...