Wednesday 18 October 2017

Mayhem Film Festival 2017 Part 1 (Day 1, 2 & 3)

This year's October calendar could not have been set up any better for 2017's Mayhem Film Festival. It not only gave us a Friday the 13th during the festival, but also Mayhem at Mayhem! But, unfortunately it's also fell on an October that has been and still is ridiculously busy for myself and my household. Getting ready to move house, a trip to the atmospheric and beautiful Whitby with my beautiful Angela, my 40th birthday, booking various things for our wedding next year and getting ready for Birmingham Horror Con at the end of the month, which sees us having our own stall to sell Black Box Figures & Props goodies. Plus the fact I couldn't get any time of work. Which all meant I could only get to a couple of films on the Thursday and Friday and completely miss Saturday. So for the films I didn't get to see I'll be sharing Dark Angel's Realm of Horror's blog.

Day 1 (Thursday 12th)

Double Date. Dir. Benjamin Barfoot. Wri. Danny Morgan.
Kicking off the festival is what turned out to be my favourite film. I have written a full review for this which you can read by CLICKING HERE.
I also have the Q&A session video up on YouTube which you can watch by CLICKING HERE.

M.F.A. Dir. Natalie Letie. Wri. Leah McKendrick.
One I missed as I had to leave to get into my bed to sleep for the impending work day! To find out about the film CLICK HERE.

Day 2 (Friday 13th)

Bitch. Dir. & Wri. Marianna Palka.
68 Kill. Dir. & Wri. Trent Haaga.
The first two movies I missed as they were shown at 3:00pm and 5:30pm.

Got a nice poster of Habit signed by Simeon Halligan & Elliot Langridge
 Habbit. Dir. & Wri. Simeon Halligan.
"Set within the neon drenched rain swept underbelly of Manchester, where the addicted prey on the lost and the lonely."
Another treat ensued with this British horror from "up north." This film was very different from Double Date though. This slow burn horror gave us a look into the seedy back streets of Manchester as it follows Michael's (Elliot Langridge) life year's after the death of his mother. Searching for something better than what his own little world can offer, he happens upon a fellow job seeker called Lee (Jessica Barden). This leads him to Cloud 9, a "massage parlour" where he finds more than just a happy ending. 

It's an interesting story, well written, well directed and well acted by a lot of local talent from around the north of England. This left me feeling cold and sombre, which is exactly how the film feels and looks throughout. It was a good thing in this film's case. It effects you both visually and psychologically and will stay with you for a few days after. Definitely recommend this one. 

From left to right: Me, Simeon Halligan, Simon (Realm of Horror)
Habit gets 4 out of 5 Stars

Friday the 13th Part III - 3D.
Mayhem's Steven & Chris getting some shit off Jason
As it was Friday 13th, Mayhem's late Friday classic matched the day, and in style too, shown in 3D. I missed this one, early start the next day and to be honest, I was never a fan of Jason Vorhees. I much preferred his mother's work.

To check out Friday's Bitch, 68 Kill and Friday the 13th Part 3 - 3D CLICK HERE. As I mentioned, I missed day 3 (Saturday), so check out its entirety by CLICKING HERE. For a full run down on Saturday's Scary Shorts CLICK HERE.