Tuesday 5 September 2017

HorrorCon UK 2017 Vlog

Back in May my lovely Mrs and I attended HorrorCon UK, as we always do each year. A couple of days later we decided to try something new and do a vlog review over on my YouTube channel. In the video we talk about prices, venue, guests and the "Elvira Gate" situation, plus there's a walk around piece and lots of photos from the event. You can check it out by CLICKING RIGHT HERE. While you're there, make sure you give the video a like and please subscribe to my channel. 

HorrorCon UK started with it's first event back in 2015 and has been bigger each year since. Next year's event will be held at the same place as normal, Magna, Sheffield for 2 days, 19th and 20th May. Check out their website for more info by CLICKING RIGHT HERE.

"HorrorConUK is a unique and interactive festival experience that is unlike anything else in the UK, an event that will leave you and your friends smiling long after the show is over. HorrorConUK, gathers the horror community together, in a friendly and atmospheric space, to experience all forms of the genre; including Art, Tattooing, Music, Literature, Film, Cosplay, Special Effects demos and more. Meet with like-minded people in the heart of the most haunted county Yorkshire. Talk to & rub shoulders with the leading names in the horror industry today. Our ambition is to bring to the UK a festival that is comparable to the biggest horror events on the planet! We are the dark alternative to the Comic-Con scene!"

Here's just a few photos of the guests (there were many more) I've met over the past couple of years...

Bill Moseley

Tom Savini

Heather Langenkanp

John Jarratt

Caroline Munro

Gunnar Hansen

Sid Haig

Laurence R. Harvey

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