Thursday 19 December 2013

David Cronenberg: Evolution

Body. Mind. Change. BMC Labs, in partnership with visionary filmmaker David Cronenberg is proud to announce their first commercial product - POD (Personal-On-Demand). I was lucky enough to be selected to partake in the experimental project and when I received my prototype POD for testing, I couldn't wait to get started! Here's a copy of the letter I received...

"POD can learn all the complexities of the human emotion to best serve you. When your POD is properly calibrated, it is integrated directly into your neurological processes via a minor, non-obtrusive incision just below the base of the skull. POD will effortlessly discover your needs, desires, and loves. POD is your intuitive companion, enhancing life and storing the best that the world has to offer for immediate recall at any time."

Does it sound to good to be true? Does this technology really exist? Well, to find out more check out MINDBODYCHANGE.CA and register for your very own POD today!


Of course this is all part of a promotional pack as part of the David Cronenberg: Virtual Exhibition which goes live this week! "Learn more in the 4th floor Gallery at Toronto International Film Festival Bell Lightbox."

To find out more simply click the links in RED.

A big thank you goes to Jonathan Bunning for sending me out the promotional kit. You can also check out BMC Labs on Facebook.

The big question is, if this kind of technology existed today, would you consider having it done?

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