Wednesday 30 October 2013

M is for Marriage (2013) Short Film Review

M is for Marriage is a short film written and directed Todd E. Freeman and stars Natalie Victoria, Jeffree Newman and Michael Draper.

Louise is in a therapy session, albeit a very strange one with interesting techniques. Dr. Christian is helping her move pass her husband's infidelity and teaching her to control her hatred. A hatred that can manifest itself physically with devastating effects.

The film runs for 3 minutes plus the credits, but it's still a very powerful piece. The performances are delivered with precision along with slick direction. The practical effects are simply scintillating and the score alone creates a tense atmosphere for the whole time.

M is for Marriage is not just a sneak peek into Freeman's next project, Love Sick, but it's also an entry into the ABCs of Death 2 26th director. Now this is where you guys, the readers, come in. I'm personally backing M is for Marriage and I want you to do the same.  

How? I hear you ask! Well, that's easy! Click on this link here so you can watch the film and follow these instructions...

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